How WP Plugin Works

Follow the simple steps below, keeping in mind that you can contact us any time with a question. We will not ignore you.

  1. If you are not an existing Access2online client, shoot off a hello email to to introduce yourself. We’ll help you set up a free account or add you to an account your agency or company may already have with us.
  2. Download our free WordPress Accessibility Plugin and activate it.
  3. As soon as you need accessibility help, click the plugin and fill in its two simple fields:Screenshot of task manager plugin
  4. The Task Name is just so we recognize it on a list. The Task Description is the important part. It can be as short as “Make this page accessible” or as detailed as you would like.
  5. The “Request Pretask” button submits your request to us at Access2online. Note that you didn’t have to tell us who you are and what page you’re editing. That is automatically sent because of how we set you up in step #1 above.
  6. Within 24 hours (sometimes in just a few minutes), you’ll get an email with a link to a proposed task we prepare in response to your plugin request. That proposed task will include 3 essential elements:
    1. A fleshing out of the task description you submitted if we feel we need to make it more precise.
    2. A due date for completion that we can commit to. A simple fix can be the same or the next day. Bigger jobs, of course, take longer.  With 14 full-time analysts, Access2online can turn things around rapidly.
    3. A number of hours we request you authorize for this task. No matter how long it takes Access2online to do the work, you will never be billed for more than that number of authorized hours times our rather affordable $49/hr. When was the last time you had certified Trusted Testers working for that? Of course, if we complete the task for less than the authorized hours, we bill you for that smaller amount.
  7. Only if you change the task from “Proposed” to “Accepted” do we get to work. If you don’t do that, everything stops here.
  8. If you authorize the work, we will respond before the task’s due date with our deliverable. That can be:
    1. instructions on how to remediate your web page, PDF, etc,
    2. screenshared debriefing session where we guide you to make the remediations yourself,
    3. remediation of the web page, PDF, etc. with you deciding if you wish to publish it online.
  9. Only if you accept our deliverable as having met your expectations completely does that task become billable to your account.Plugin Icon